Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Okay nothing to do with Quilting or crafts but still thought id post it here

I AM......... Who I am. I am many things. A daydreamer, an optimist who sometimes is a pessimist. I am a creative person who sometimes still feels the wounds of my past.

I WANT...... Peace. Peace of my mind, heart and soul.

I HAVE.... great friends and family who stand by me even when times are hard and the journey is long and sometimes in the darkness.

I WISH I COULD.......FLY. I would love to feel the wind and sun on my face as I soar high and soar free.

I FEAR.... I will die alone. I no longer fear dying young(less than 30 as I did growing up) because I made it past 30. I honestly never thought I would live to see 30.

I HEAR....... voices of doubt from time to time. Doubt about how my life is unfolding and where it's going but I try to remember that God has a plan and that things have happened for a reason and things will happen for a reason and all I have to do is keep looking for those reasons to help me understand what I have been through and where I am going.

I SEARCH........ I no longer search as I once did to find out who I am. I know who I am now and accept who I am now and so any searching is done to analyze where I have been to keep me from going back to those places that were not good for me.

DON’T THINK ..... that I have a lot of confidence because I really don't. It is an outward show to conceal how scared I am on the inside.

I REALLY ...... think my life has changed around for the better.

I REGRET .... many things but none that I am going to write down in this space. But know that I have found a way to acknowledge my failures and mistakes and to learn from them so as I do not repeat them.

I LOVE.... God, my family, my friends, winter, crafting and quilting, and all the little things that make being alive so GREAT!

I ACHE FOR........ a time when all people are really equal and no one hates someone based on the color of their skin, for their religious or non religious beliefs, or their sexual orientation which is something someone can't change. I ache for understanding of people who are not like you and acceptance of people who are not like you. That is what makes this world so great is that there are so many different ways to be and think and it certainly keeps the world from being a boring place to live.

I ALWAYS CRY .......hmmm, when I see abused children, when I see people killed or beaten almost to death because they love(d) someone who happened to be of the same sex,what humans are doing to our environment and the animals that we are supposed to take care of.

I AM NOT ......always sure of what I am doing and where I am going. But then again, half the fun is the journey.

I DANCE... like no one is watching even when they are.

I SING...... because I am happy. I sing to express my heart.

I NEVER .... expected to be happy.

I RARELY ....... never know what to say.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... Beaches or Touched By An Angel

I AM NOT ALWAYS ...... right but most times I won't admit it..... LOL

I HATE THAT.... I am treated as a second class citizen, that I am treated as not human by some people because I happen to be a gay man.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT ...... hmmm a lot of things!

I NEED...... L-O-V-E. That's all I really need.

I SHOULD .... hmmmm another one I'll have to get back to you on.


Elisse said...

Donnie, you have the most wonderful spirit of joy and persistence that I've ever seen. I've only known you for 3 weeks but you have touched my life incredibly deeply already. I really look forward to working with you for a long time in the future and I wish you love and happiness in every area of your life! *hugs* :D

HalfSquareTriangles said...

Awwww :)