Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hideous doll. Will never make another!

This is just soooooooooo bad. I call her Cyclopta.

Okay I may make others but just to get really good at it.


Comfort Cove Designs said...

I think she is kinda cute!!!! She looks happy!! :)
I received my two dolls this week. They are adorable. It was my first time doing the doll swap too and my costumes were very basic compared to what I received. But hey a girl has gotta learn and start somewhere :) I'll do this swap again for sure. Maybe the Christmas one.

HalfSquareTriangles said...

I may do the Christmas one as well. But I am going to practice in between now and then. LOL:)

Elisse said...

LOL. "Cyclopta" literally had me in tears of laughter. You are so great!

Also, don't be discouraged! If you want to make another one, try again! :D