Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well another day has dawned

Well it is another day of cool weather here and low humidity. It is awesome. I hate the summer, this is my time of year. I look forward every year to fall and winter.

So I am still trying to work on the quilt that I made the tree block,folk bird blocks and Umbrella girl block for. I ran into a small problem with the middle section and after ripping the seams and trying to sew it again, I still am having a problem with the middle being all bunched up and not laying flat. So I am trying to devise a way to sew a piece on over it so that it will all look flush and pretty. I am then going to take some of my iron on appliques of butterflies and put around the top of the quilt. Doing that, even with stitching them down to the top of the quilt, will mean that the quilt will be just a show piece and will have to be washed gently by hand and air dried.

Plans are also underway for the annual Halloween party at my house. My costume arrived today via Express mail. It is a black and silver showgirl costume complete with glovettes and headdress. Invites will be sent out this weekend. I already know that a few will be coming because they have already jumped the gun and asked about the party and stated they would be there.

I am also going to be going home to see my grandma and my mom tomorrow. Mom is sick with a double ear infection and bronchitis. Her blood pressure was also up a bit but thats due to the infection and bronchitis. Grandma is doing pretty good but the doctor did tell her that he's done all he can for the congestive heart failure. But she is still in good spirits and still full of life.

So anyways when I get home tonight I will post the pics of the quilt. Ciao!

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