Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blog Blast

Donnie and Troy came over tonight and it was pretty fun times. Donnie brought over his fabrics he got over the week, oh boy was there a ton! We sorted out the ton of cut squares he had (9 big bags!) and laid them out over my bed. DANG! that was pretty impressive! I think he has watercolor quilt in mind...but I am guessing he will need to see what other fabrics he has. Troy and Eric were talking computers or programming or something almost the whole time, but I dragged Eric in to see what a whole load of fabric on the bed looked like. He was in awe.

I had made 3 bags, one for me for cosmetics to hang in the bathroom, a drum stick holder bag for Eric, because they were EVERYWHERE (...and getting chewed by Jazz), and a school bag for Noel. Here they are. I found the fabrics all at Joanns. I wish there had been more of the squirrel flannel fabric (they were all made with flannel and lined with fleece.) I need to find a good pattern for a tote, there are several people I want to make bags for, but don't want the insides to fray. I will be posting it once I find a good one.

Also, I have started making real progress on the friendship wall hanging I started. I will post the progression later, too.

And just for posterity, here is a picture of my tiny wee quilting area:

- Helen out

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