Sunday, February 24, 2008

Minutes 2-22/23-08

Friday 2/22 - Donnie came over to my house Friday evening and we watched several episodes of Simply Quilting that I had recorded. Also, Donnie brought over his books and fabric that he received in the mail earlier. He gave me several pieces of batiks of various colors and I gave him a yard of the Shimmer Sea by Robert Kaufman I had got earlier in the week. Concluded meeting around 10:30 p.m. after agreeing to go fabric shopping next morning.

Saturday 2/23 - Donnie and I went to Bernina's for the first time. I learned about the sewing machines while Donnie shopped the fabrics. After drooling over the sewing machines and listening to the salesperson's lesson on how to do the different design stitches, I joined Donnie and got several pieces of fabric, mostly fat quarters. Cut yards were $6.00 each and half yards were $3.00 each. I think FQs were $1 each, but I can't remember. I enjoyed this store because it had several fabrics I had never seen before, and although a tiny bit more expensive, it looked all like very nice quality stuff. Donnie got several pieces of fabric as well and a book on quilted travel bags.

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