Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Made my first Asian Purse tonight

Well I tried something different tonight to get my mind off of the family drama I have going on right now. I decided to rip a friend's old purse to pieces and take the zipper and some of the fabric lining so I could make a new purse out of some very pretty red Asian fabric I have. SO I Made it and it mostly came out very well. However, I did kinda make one handle a little bit bigger than the other. But overall I was very pleased with how my project turned out.

I talked to Helen just a few minutes ago on AIM and we are going to get together Friday night as planned. I will be going to her house instead of her coming to mine.

Then this weekend on Saturday afternoon I will be headed home to Greenville to see the family and try to make sense of everything that is going on and I for one will be writing my congresspeople about changing child abuse laws to really offer protection to our children because the current laws we have in place are failing our state's children, one of them being my niece. But I want get on that soapbox right now.


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halfsquaretriangles said...

Hey, nice bag! I just got some canvas bags for us at the house for grocery shopping so we quit using those durned plastic ones! I wonder what I can quilt on them.... :P

Can't wait to see ya on Fri!